Clerk of Courts


Barbara Wiedenbein, Clerk of Courts
for Common Pleas Court

270 East Main Street, Batavia, Ohio, 45103

Phone 513-732-7560

Fax 513-732-7050
Please note: Fax filings are limited to 30 pages per LOCAL RULE 17.



People entering the Courthouse will no longer be required wear a mask, regardless of vaccination status.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to mandatory health and security screenings at the entrance to the Courthouse, please arrive early for any court proceeding that you must attend. If you are running a fever, DO NOT COME TO COURT. You will be denied entry. You may but are not required to wear a mask when coming to court. Please review notices elsewhere on this web site for updated information.

PLEASE NOTE: Effective August 4th,  2020, the Court of Common Pleas has ordered that the cost of filing a foreclosure complaint is increased to $570.00, of which $220.00 will be placed on deposit for the on-line auction fee mandated by H.B. 390. Please prepare your filing procedures accordingly.

The Clermont County Clerk of Courts is the elected official responsible for filing and maintaining every court document for all past and pending cases in the Clermont County Court system. Every case starts with documents filed with the Clerk, whether it is a civil case (a complaint, a petition, or an administrative appeal) or a criminal case (an indictment, a bill of information, or a bindover). Once a case is started, the Clerk’s Office handles service of court documents, accepts the filing of motions, legal memoranda, affidavits, notices, and deposition transcripts, and processes every legal paper so it is time-stamped, scanned as a computer image, preserved in the official court record, and brought to the judge’s attention for legal action. The Clerk is also responsible for collecting and securing all filing fees, court costs, fines, restitution, and monies deposited with the Court on a judge’s order. Outside of the realm of litigation, the Clerk of Courts accepts passport applications, processes notary public commissions, and issues motor vehicle titles.

courthouse1937indexThe first appointment as what is now the Clerk of Courts occurred on February 25, 1801, at the time of the creation of the Clermont County Common Pleas Court when Ohio was still a territory.  The Clerk’s office has always progressed in meeting the needs of the Court, the legal profession, and the public throughout its existence.  The progress is visible just in the time since this 1937 picture of the Clerk’s office was taken. The future may hold a paperless operation with all filing done electronically. Whether it is in the era of quill pens and handwritten entries in leather-bound docket books, or in the era of web access and WiFi, the Clerk of Courts is the trusted partner of the Common Pleas Court in the efficient administration of justice in Clermont County.




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