Meet the Judges

                                               •Judge Victor Haddad                      Chambers Contact Number 513-732-7890                     Biographical Sketch        Practice Preferences

                                                 •Judge Richard Ferenc                    Chambers Contact Number 513-732-7102                      Biographical Sketch        Practice Preferences

                                                 •Judge Anthony Brock                     Chambers Contact Number 513-732-7378                      Biographical Sketch        Practice Preferences

                                                 •Judge Kevin Miles                            Chambers Contact Number 513-732-7104                      Biographical Sketch        Practice Preferences

Note: These listings of judicial preferences for practices and procedures for counsel and parties are offered for the convenience and guidance of those appearing before the individual judges in the Clermont County Common Pleas Court, General Division. Please click on each Judge’s practice preferences for details. Each judge reserves the right and has the discretion to modify these preferences to suit the circumstances of individual cases as the law and the facts require.